Why You're Failing Forensic Exams and CUET PG and NTA UGC NET by founder of forensicmcq website

I am going to give you a picture. It may work as motivation for you or you may not be able to read it fully.

In any case, if you are serious about your Forensic Science competitive exam, read the whole article at once. DON’T SKIP.

So, you really want to get a seat in the top spots, whether your entrance to MSc or NTA UGC NET exam?

You only need to do one thing.

Yes, only one thing.

That is, being consistent with solving questions. You don’t need to subscribe to our platform if you think you don’t need it. Instead, you can buy any Forensic competitive book.

But the goal here is to be consistent and build the momentum.

Without solving questions, it is difficult for you to get the minor differences and the way questions were asked in exams.

Start with solving one paper a day. If it looks big for you. Start solving one MCQ and then build it beyond the countable.

See, in any exam, everything is extremely competitive. And exams such as NTA UGC NET, only the top 4-5% qualified for NET, and less than 1% for JRF.

Similarly, for CUET PG Forensic exams, this number is usually less than 1-2%.

So, whether there are 2k or 10k students who appeared in the exam, only the top % will be going to get NET/JRF or admission in their favorite departments or universities.

The rest of them have to reappear next time (if they still want to appear).

This vicious circle will not cost you a registration fee but a mental pressure that goes more and more as the number of attempts passes.

It’s like Marrying with your Exam.

Yeah!, none of us want to marry their entrance exam. But they eventually do it as a typical arranged marriage.

Here are the side effects of marrying an entrance exam in comparison to a real person.

Choose wisely, I bet you choose the real person even if you don’t want to marry now.

FeatureMarrying an Entrance ExamMarrying a Real Person
ObjectiveAchieve a specific seat in universities or rankBuild a lifelong partnership
Financial InvestmentCost-effectiveWhat can I say here?
Emotional InvestmentTemporary and goal-orientedDeep and evolving over time
Divorce CauseLimited (until passing the exam)Lack of love, trust, or mutual understanding
Divorce Rate~100% Divorce Rate
->1-5%: students passed their exams with their efforts.
->Rest%: unwilling or change their aim/path after failing.
->Miracle%: I can’t guess that.
Around 1%
Support systemTutors and friendsSpouse, family, friends
If divorce not happeningRetaking exams and preparing for relatives’ questions such as “What now?”Emotional pain, toxic relationship
After Divorce with your WillYour growth, your admission to dream college, JRF holder. The entrance becomes your ex.Hate to marry again, especially arranged (if that’s previously arranged by your parents).

I think you have chosen what you want. That’s good.

Now, if you really want to take a divorce from your exam with your efforts, you have to learn what’s not working for you (or your limiting beliefs).

I want you to treat it as an ex that usually gives you a new opportunity to find a new person (maybe the right person). And if talking in context to your forensic exams, it surely gives you a better direction for at least a slightly better future.

So, don’t marry to the entrance exam because marrying a real person is far better than marrying your entrance exam.

I will suggest, if you want to listen to me, I say what I always say, practice more.

This is because most of you are graduates of the Forensic stream and you already have surface knowledge of the topic (If you don’t, start studying from basic forensic books, Saferstein, Seigel, and Nordby).

If you don’t like studying from a computer or mobile screen, buy the Anu Signal book (just my recommendation, I had it too. But it has some wrong questions).

In any way you learn. Try to manage and save time effectively because, in the end, every question you solve gives you some sort of reflexive memory (you guess the answer as soon you read the question).

Let’s say, you solve 2 MCQs every minute, it is around 120 per hour and 600 in 5 hours.

That’s the target and it is definitely hard to reach. But those are the things that give you % advantages over others in competitive exams.

So, study smart and hard, even if you think you don’t have much time left for exams.

Because there is never a good or bad time for studying.

So, again, what makes a difference? Consistency. If you’re consistent, you definitely be in a far better place than today.

I think I made my point from marrying to your exam to build a reflexive memory.

If by any chance, I am able to picture the reality of what you need to CHARGE ON in order to get a different result than what you will get without effort, let me know in the comment.

Signing off:
~ Amar (Chief Editor & Founder)

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