You can install our official app on your Mac and Windows using Android Simulator such as Bluestack. It is FREE for both platforms. However, you can’t run our App or access our Premium membership on iPhones and iPads.

Step 1: Download Bluestacks for Mac

Download link: Bluestacks for Mac.

You can download it to your system by following the link and install in your system. You will find more information on Bluestacks official website.

or For Windows, Install our Windows Software

Step 2: Install the Forensic MCQ Android App

You just have to download the app from the Play Store in Bluestacks, it will automatically install in your system.

If you have Windows then you can install the Forensic MCQ Windows Application.

Step 3: Two Ways to Open our App

After installation is done, you got a shortcut to our app on your desktop. You can use this shortcut to launch our app.

You can also open it using the Bluestack window. Open Bluestacks> ForensicMCQ App (in the main window)> Double Click to launch.

Note: We don’t have any plan to launch the iOS version of our App soon. You can try the above method to access premium content on our website.