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You Can Call it “The Beginning”

But I know if you’re here—on this page— you want to know more about me. So, here is my story.

The foundation of this blog was laid way back in 2018 when I was studying for UGC NET Forensic exam.

In those 21 days, I learned a lot about the challenges that every aspirant goes through when they are preparing for UGC or any entrance exam. Almost all exams have one thing in common: students are aware that they do not have enough time but are still lazy to start and eventually fall behind schedule.

I also made a video for Forensic Aspirants on how to approach their papers and schedule themselves for regular studies. Check out How to Prepare for Forensic Science Exam.

And for laziness, you just have to open the website and start learning, and you don’t even realize it when you solve 10s of questions.

Coming to the topic, I had a book named Anu Singla, one of the best books for preparation. When I was going through the previous year’s question paper, I regularly googled related explanations. And it takes a lot of effort and time. Sometimes during revision, I have to google it again and again.

Plus, there was not any reliable information over the internet. This was the time I realized what other students are facing during their preparation and the need of having a site based on explaining these MCQs.

So, the very first aim of this website was to help other students in their exam preparations and cut their revision time.

So, after 6 months of clearing the Forensic NET exam, I launched the main website. And it wasn’t easy.

Along the way, for nearly 2 years straight, I haven’t made a single dollar. Because the primary goal wasn’t the money.

There are many times I want to get rid of the website. But there’s always something holding me back- in a good way.

In 2020 June-July, I solved all the papers with explanations that sum up to around 4000+mcqs.

And one day, I received an email from an aspirant about how my website helped her in preparation for the clearing JRF.

That was the spark I needed.

It was a hell of a great day that made me realize how my efforts silently helped forensic aspirants in their preparation.

That sensation was very pleasant and calming.

After that, till now, I received 100s of emails and comments with pleasant greetings.

That’s the story of, June 2021.

Later, in July 2020, I decided the move the MCQs part to a separate alias called It works fine for 3 to 4 months. But I want to completely separate both websites.

With that in mind I purchased, specifically to serve the MCQs. From that day to 2022 March, it took me 5 months to make, categorize and relaunch the website on which you’re reading.

That’s my story.

I’m sure you too have a story to tell. Or, attain your dream Forensic College. Or, a dream of getting Ph.D. degree. I have only one say for you: Don’t hesitate to learn. Do hard work. Exercise daily. And Don’t Compromise on your dreams.

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