• Karl Pearson (1898) attempted for the first time to estimate a person’s stature based on measurements of individual bones.
  • The measurements are in centimeters.
  • Measuring Points for Pearson Formula:
    • Femur: measured from the top of the head to the apex of the inner condyle
    • Humerus: measured over their greatest length
    • Tibia: measured over their greatest length
    • Radius: measured from the upper articular surface to the tip of the malleolus.

Table1: Pearson’s Formular for Stature Estimation From Dried Long Bones

Long BonesMaleFemale
Femur (F)81.306 + 1.880F72.884 + 1.945F
Humerus (H)70.641 + 2.894H71.475 + 2.754H
Tibia (T)78.664 + 2.376T74.774 + 2.353T
Radius (R)89.925 + 3.271R81.224 + 3.343R

Table 2: Pearson’s Formula For Stature Determination From Humid Bones with Cartilages Intact

Long BonesMaleFemale
Femur (F)81.231 + 1.880F73.163 + 1.945F
Humerus (H)70.714 + 2.894H72.046 + 2.754H
Tibia (T)78.807 + 2.376T75.369 + 2.352T
Radius (R)86.456 + 3.271R82.189 + 3.343R


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