Welcome to the MCQs from an important Forensic book titled Complete Crime Scene Investigation Handbook authored by Everett Baxter, JR.

The mcqs from this book help forensic students and aspirants of various competitive forensic exams such as NTA UGC NET/JRF, and entrance exams of NFSU, DU, CUET PG, FACT, FACT+, BHU, PSC, etc.

Chapterwise MCQs From Complete Crime Scene Investigation Handbook by Everett Baxer

Chapter 1: Investigative Team

Chapter 2: Forensic Search and Seizure (dropped)

Chapter 3: Note-Taking (dropped)

Chapter 4: Photography

Chapter 5: Sketching (1st Week of April)

Chapter 6: Crime Scene Searching Techniques

Chapter 7: Alternative Light Source

Chapter 8: Presumptive Tests and Chemical Enhancements

Chapter 9: Latent Fingerprint Development

Chapter 10: Evidence Collection and Packaging

Chapter 11: Physical Evidence

Chapter 12: Serological Evidence

Chapter 13: Trace Evidence

Chapter 14: Firearms and Toolmark Evidence

Chapter 15: Footwear and Tire Impression Evidence

Chapter 16: Digital Evidence

Chapter 17: Injury Documentation

Chapter 18: Shooting Scene Documentation

Chapter 19: Bloodstain Documentation

Chapter 20: Clandestine Graves and Scattered Human Remains

Chapter 21: Fire Scenes

Chapter 22: Questioned Document Evidence

Chapter 23: Develop a Working Plan and Processing Methodology

Chapter 24: Report Writing