Roadmap to NET & JRF Forensic Science Interview With Anjaly

Disclaimer: The following are the thoughts of Ms. Anjaly, and didn’t give her any sort of award or promise of money for writing it. All thoughts are personal reflections from Ms. Anjaly.

Tell us about yourself

I am Anjaly E S (D/o E.K Shaji and Aruna K C) from Cochin, Kerala. I did my graduation in forensic science from the Government Institute of Forensic Science, Nagpur. I have done my master’s in forensic science from National Forensic Science University (NFSU), Gandhinagar. 

  • Exam Cleared: June 2023 NTA UGC NET and JRF
  • Score: I got 70 marks in paper 1 and 142 in paper 2. Thus overall I got 212 marks.
  • Stats: The cut-off was 210.00, and only 12 students from the unreserved category qualified for NET and JRF out of a total of 28 students in India.

Is it your first attempt?

This was my second attempt. In my first attempt, I didn’t prepare at all and, obviously, I failed in it. My score was 146 on that attempt. This was my first serious attempt (June 2023) and I cleared the exam.

What you have learned from your previous experience?

I focused more on PYQs rather than studying all the topics.

How long have you been preparing for this Forensic UGC NET/JRF exam?

On the second attempt, I prepared only for less than 1 month.

Did you join any coaching programs?

I didn’t join any coaching programs. But I have subscribed to Forensic MCQ‘s app.

Describe your study routine. Your Ideal Day of Studying.

There was no such ideal day. I used to study mostly in the morning. Also tried to study after coming back from college. I used to spend more time studying during holidays.

Did you ever face burnout during your preparation?

I used to face burnout while studying certain topics. At that time I spent time revising or I would switch the topics.

How did you prepare for Paper 1 differently from Paper 2?

For paper 1, I used to watch topic-wise YouTube videos only. For paper 2, I used to read unit-wise MCQs. I also focused on revising those mcqs after covering 4-5 topics within a particular unit.

What resources did you use for your preparation?

Paper 2: I have started my paper 2 preparation with notes available on the site forensic field. But later on, due to time cringe I started with forensic mcqs unit-wise mcqs.

During my last-minute preparation, the tabular columns in the Forensic MCQ app were extremely helpful. It helped me to eliminate certain options in the exam.

Paper 1: I haven’t referred any books for paper 1. There was also no such particular channel I followed. Instead, I chose videos from different channels for different topics. I also watched marathon videos of Paper 1, which helped me a lot.

How often did you use during your study sessions?

I spent most of my preparation time on Forensic MCQ.

Discuss your experience with as a Premium Member. Is premium membership worth paying?

I don’t know how others would feel.

In the initial days of preparation, I thought to complete all units from the notes of the forensic field. Actually, it is a good site but there was less than 1 month for me. 

Some of my friends cracked NET just by solving PYQs. So I changed my mind to focus on PYQs.

I trusted the app and started studying its mcqs with explanations. Since there were connections between the following questions, it was easy for me to learn them.

I think those who have very less time can trust this app and move on. Even though you are studying a topic-wise just strengthen yourself with the unit-wise mcqs.

Obviously, this will give you good results. Don’t forget to revise it also.

How did you first come across And Would you recommend others? 

I was searching for unit-wise PYQs and came across this app.

Of course, I will recommend this app to others. I had no plan earlier for UGC NET. But just 1 month before the exam I thought to work for it. Only because of this app I cracked it.

How did you handle distractions and stay focused during your study sessions?

I was tensed, but not very much distracted, mainly because most of my close friends used to study late at night months before the exam.

At that time I was clueless.

When the exam was approaching, I had only 1 feeling, just to cover unit-wise mcqs.

I was ok even though I couldn’t clear the exam but I was fortunate to finish all unit-wise mcqs in the app.

I used to talk to my parents, sister, and fiancee to get relaxed and stay focused.

Did you incorporate any physical activities or exercises into your routine?

No, I had a short time period so couldn’t do it.

Let’s say if you can go back in time, exactly three months before the exam, what One thing you can change that helps you score more?

Even though I tried I couldn’t finish all the mcqs in this app.

If I had found this app three months ago, I could have done much better on my exams. Also, I would try to finish unit-wise notes that were available on the Forensic field site.

Were there any particular mistakes or misconceptions you had during your preparation that you would like to warn others about?

Yes, I thought I couldn’t clear Paper 1 without studying Madan. But I did it without studying that book. Maybe because of my luck. I don’t know.

Lastly, what advice would you give to future aspirants on how to handle the pressures of stress and limited time during their preparation?

I would like to say, if you have only limited time don’t worry, still you have hope.

Many of my friends cracked the UGC net just by solving PYQs.

So you can also do it. Stay cool and cover the maximum questions of both papers.

Don’t worry you can win.

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