What did I do to Get UGC NET and JRF Forensic Science by Amrutha

Disclaimer: The following are the thoughts of Ms. Amrutha Dhasarad, and ForensicMCQ.com didn’t give her any sort of award or promise of money for writing it. All thoughts are personal reflections from Ms. Amrutha.

Tell us about yourself.  

I’m Amrutha from Kerala, currently pursuing Ph.D. in forensic science from Christ University, Bangalore. I did my graduation and postgraduation in the field of forensic science.

  • Exam Cleared: June 2023 NTA UGC NET and JRF
  • Score: I got an overall score of 200, out of it 70 and 130 were for paper 1 and paper 2 respectively.
  • Stats: The cut-off was 198.00, and only 6 students from the OBC (NCL) category qualified for NET and JRF out of a total of 28 students in India.

Is it your first attempt?

Nope, This was my second attempt. My first attempt was in February 2023 and I  prepared almost 3 months for the exam and I couldn’t clear the exam. The score I got  for 1st attempt was 138, and I still remember the result day when I got shocked after seeing the marks  

What have you learned from your previous attempt? What did you change?  

After analyzing the strategy after the failure, I realize the lack of practicing the previous year’s questions will be the reason for my low score and I tried to change the mistakes of my first attempt.  

How long have you been preparing for this Forensic UGC NET/JRF exam?

I thought of preparing for the NET UGC exam in January, but it took the middle of January to start the preparation in a consistent mode. In between I took a break in March and April due to the dissertation work in my college. Overall, I devoted serious 3 to 4 months to the exam.

Did you join any coaching programs? Would you recommend others to join  

Nope, I didn’t join any coaching program. I am a person who believes in self-study. In the last months of my preparation, I have taken subscriptions to forensic MCQs for practicing the questions.  

Describe your study routine. How did you structure your day during your preparation? 

I ensure to study for around 3-4 hours daily, and it doesn’t matter if I have dissertation work or any other assignments, I used to find time to study regularly whether it was late at night or early in the morning. I also have a habit of keeping a diary to note the targets that I complete each day.  

What resources did you use for your preparation?

For paper 1 – I started the paper 1 preparation from YouTube free videos. On the second  time, I took a subscription from an online platform to make sure to attend the mock  test, this helped me to change the score from 24 to 70  

Paper 2 – I used pg. notes along with some fundamental books like –Richard LI for the biology part, Brian J heard for ballistic, Forensic medicine, and toxicology by Narayan  Reddy, and also referred Epg Pathshala for the rest of the topics.  

How did you first come across forensicmcq.com? 

This App was recommended by one of my friends who cracked this exam before.

How do you study from Forensic MCQ App?

I used to study and follow short notes provided by forensicmcq.com. After completing each topic, I practiced various MCQs regarding the topic. During the last one month of preparation, I maintained to solve at least 120 questions per day from this app. This helped me a lot in improving the main paper’s part.

Did you recommend the app to others?  

Yes, obviously I recommend this app for the JRF aspirants to make sure the preparation is in the right mode. I also used to read emails from the admin and it helps to stay motivated during my preparation, this app also gives and makes our D-day, a  stress-free one.

How did you handle distractions and stay focused during your study sessions?

At first, handling distraction was quite a difficult task for me and gradually it changed to an easy one. I always make sure to set a time limit for my small regular goals. Eliminating the technological distractions (making sure to mute the phones  during study time) this method helped me to finish the common tasks  

How did you prepare for Paper 1?

Paper 1 is the main factor to improve the score and achieve the JRF. I ensure to give enough time for practicing questions, especially during the last month of the exam.  Although math was not my cup of tea, I even got a good score because of the practice. Improving paper 1 seems tough until you get the proper knack.

Let’s say if you can go back in time, exactly one month before the exam. What one thing you can change that helps you score more?

The one thing I might do is “Revision” and I would concentrate more on sleeping.  

What advice would you give to someone who is feeling overwhelmed?  

 I‘ll give simple advice, “be calm, make small goals, and just go with the flow and I am sure you’ll able to do it.“

Were there any particular mistakes or misconceptions you had during your preparation that you would like to warn others about?

Rather than simply digging into theories, go for mcqs, practice papers, and take mock tests.  I made this mistake and changed it later in the second attempt.

Were there specific triggers or factors that heightened your stress levels? Can you share some examples?

The main reason was the syllabus. I wasn’t able to complete the syllabus on time, and I left something with a little knowledge I concentrated more on topics that are more commonly asked and it worked for me. So be cool and concentrate on the important topics rather than taking stress during the exams, it may even affect the results of your efforts. Just avoid the stress and enjoy the process.

How did you balance your mental and physical health during the intense preparation period?

I used to give equal importance to my personal life. Ensure to stay with my family, friends, and Teachers. I always make sure to balance my work and happiness.  I Am also very blessed to have the people who surround me, and they have played an important role in my success.  

Lastly, now that you’ve cleared the JRF, what’s next for you? 

I have just enrolled for my Ph.D. at Christ University and am going with the course work. Currently, my plan is to focus on my research. 

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