The following is the list of all the major explosives and ignitable materials along with their corresponding composition.

Please note: There are some explosives with the same composition, it may either be its type or other name of it.

1Acremite (ANFO)Ammonium nitrate (94%), fuel oil (6%)
2AerozinAnhydrous hydrazine (50%), Dimethylhydrazine (50%)
3AmatexTNT, ammonium nitrate, RDX
4AmatolsTNT, ammonium nitrate
5AmmonalTNT, ammonium nitrate, aluminum
6Ammoksil (Ammokcil; Ammonxyl)Ammonium nitrate (82%), trinitroxylene (12%), aluminum(6%)
7AmorcesPotassium chlorate, red phosphorus
8ANFO (Ammonium Nitrate Fuel Oi)Ammonium nitrate (94%), liquid hydrocarbons (6%)
9AstroliteHydrazine and Ammonium nitrate
10B4 (B-Stoff 4)Trinitroanisol (60-70%), Aluminum (30-40%)
11BaratolTNT, barium nitrate (10-20%)
12BaronalTNT (50%), barium nitrate (35%), aluminum (15%)
13B-Black PowderSodium nitrate, sulfur, charcoal
14Black PowderPotassium nitrate (75%), sulfur (10%), charcoal (15%)
15Blasting GelatinNitroglycerine (92-94%), gelatinized soluble guncotton (6-8%).
16Bonit (Swedish)RDX, TNT with or without aluminum
17Boom PowderIron oxide (50%), Titanium (32.5%), Zirconium (17.5%)
18BoroniteAmmonium nitrate, TNT, Boron
19BorotorpexRDX (46%), TNT(44%), Boron (10%)
20BTMCast mix of Tetryl (55%), TNT(25%), Aluminum (20%)
21Composition IAmmonium nitrate (65.5%), Sodium nitrate (10%), Dicyanodiamide (14%), Guanidine nitrate (10%)
22Composition IIAmmonium nitrate (60%), Sodium nitrate (24%), Dicyanodiamide (8%), Guanidine nitrate (8%)
23Composition ARDX (91%), wax (9%)
24Composition BRDX (60%), TNT (39%), wax (1%)
25Composition CRDX (88.3%), Plasticizer (11.7%)
26Composition 2 (C-2)RDX (80%), Plasticizer (20%)
27Composition 3 (C-3)RDX (78%), Plasticizer (22%)
28Composition 4 (C-4)RDX (9%), plasticizer (10%)
29Cyclotol IRDX (50%), TNT(50%)
30Cyclotol IIRDX (75%), TNT(25%)
31DBT (Russian)Dinitrobenzene, TNT
32DBXRDX (21%), Ammonium nitrate (21%), TNT (40%), aluminum (18%)
33DentexRDX (47%), Dinitrotoluene (34%), Aluminum (18%)
34DithekiteNitric acid, nitrobenzene, water
35Explosive DAmmonium picrate, picric acid
36FLOXLiquid oxygen and fluorine
37FV/PETNFivonite, PETN
38H-6 (Composition H6)RDX(45%), TNT (30%), Aluminum (20%), Wax (5%)
39HBX-1TNT, RDX, aluminum
40Hexanit (Hexamit)hexanitrodiphenylamine, TNT
41Hex-24Potassium perchlorate (32%), RDX (16%), Aluminum (48%), asphalt (4%)
42Hexal (German)RDX, aluminum powder, wax
43HTA-3HMX, TNT, aluminium
44K-1 Splav (Russian)TNT, DNB (dinitro naphthalene)
45MABT (Italy)TNT, dinitrophenol, picric acid
46MacariteTNT, lead nitrate
47MAT (France, Italy)TNT, picric acid
48MBT (France, Italy)Picric acid, dinitrophenol
49MinexRDX, TNT, Ammonium nitrate, Aluminum powder
50MinolTNT (40%), ammonium nitrate (40%), aluminum (20%)
51NovitHeanitrodiphenylamine, TNT, Aluminum
52OctolHMX (70%–75%), TNT (25%–30%)
53PBXN 1 (Plastic bonded Explosives)RDX (68%), Aluminum (20%), Nylon (12%)
54PBXN 2HMX (95%), Nylon (5%)
55PBXN 3RDX (86%), Nylon (14%)
56Pentol/PentolitePETN, TNT
58PicratolTNT, ammonium picrate
59PTX-1 (Picatinny ternary explosive)RDX (30%), Tetryl (50%), TNT (20%)
60PTX-2RDX (44%), PETN(28%), TNT (28%)
61PTX-3EDN, Tetryl, TNT
63SemigelatinsAmmonium nitrate, wood meal, gelatinized nitroglycerine
64TetrytolTetryl, TNT
65TorpexRDX (41%), TNT(41%), aluminium (18%)
66Trialen (German)TNT, RDX, Aluminum powder
67TritonalTNT (80%), aluminium (20%)
68Trixogen (TG-Trotil-Gheksogen)RDX, TNT
69SodatolSodium nitrate, TNT
70VeltexHMX, nitrocellulose, nitroglycerine,nitrodiphenylamine, triacetine

Foot Notes:

  • TNT: 2,4,6-trinitrotoluene
  • Tetryl: 2,4,6-Trinitrophenylmethylnitramine
  • RDX: Research Department eXplosive or Royal Demolition eXplosive; Chemical Name: cyclotrimethylene-trinitramine, C₃H₆N₆O₆.
  • HMX: High Melting Explosive; chemical Name: cyclotetramethylene-tetranitramine, C₄H₈N₈O₈ .
  • PETN: Pentaerythritol Tetranitrate
  • EDN: Electric Instantaneous Detonator No.6 or No. 8
  • EDA: Electric Instantaneous Detonator Aluminium

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  1. Shivangi Rao says:

    HMX (Octogen) is an acronym for High Melting eXplosive. It is also known as octogen and cyclotetramethylene-tetranitramine

    But here in the chart the chemical formula is for RDX

    1. Please note there is only difference in “tri” and tetra”. HMX has chemical formula C₄H₈N₈O₈ (cyclotetramethylene-tetranitramine). While, RDX (cyclotrimethylenetrinitramine) has the formula C₃H₆N₆O₆