Kailash Bhadu cleared cuet pg exam

Kailash Bhadu

Qualified Exams: CUET PG 2023

  • Academic Info: Dr. Harisingh Gour Central University, Sagar, Madhya Pradesh


1. Tell us about Yourself. 

Hello! This is Kailash Bhadu, from Bikaner, Rajasthan, I have done my graduation with a B.Sc.(Hons) in Forensic Science from Vivekananda Global  University, Jaipur. 

2. When was your CUET(PG) exam? 

I appeared for the CUET(PG) exam in June 2023 and I secured 189 marks in this examination. The motivation to join Sagar University, for forensic Science, emerged as it is the first university in Asia to offer a Forensic Science program and had provided my resources to the country in this field. 

3. Have you taken any coaching for the CUET-PG Forensic exam?

No, I haven’t taken any coaching to prepare for the CUET-PG Forensic exam. 

4. How did you organize your study schedule to prepare for the CUET-PG  exam effectively? 

I started my preparation for the CUET-PG examination 3months prior to it, and used to study for 2-3 hours a day, and also I used to get a day out for revision at the end of the week. 

5. Can you share some insights into the materials and resources you found most helpful during your study period? 

I took the references from my notes and some books like BS Nabar and BR  Sharma, and to clear my doubts I took the help of “E-PG Pathshala” and took mock tests on “ Forensicmcq.com ”. 

6. Were there any specific strategies or techniques you believe significantly contributed to your success in the CUET-PG exam?

To get excelled in the CUET-PG exam the secret is to know the syllabus in and out, do proper revisions- give and perform well in mock tests. Also, while in the examination hall- read the question properly and answer accordingly. 

7. How important do you think mock tests and previous years’ question papers are in preparing for the CUET-PG exam? 

The importance of mock tests and previous year’s question papers in the preparation of the CUET-PG examination is it helps to boost up the confidence level and clear up significant doubts about specific topics.

8. Role of Forensicmcq.com in your preparation? 

Forensicmcq.com helped me by providing vast knowledge about  Forensic Science in the form of Mock tests’ and MCQs’ and helped me in excelling the CUET-PG examination. 

9. Were there any subjects and topics you found particularly challenging and how did you approach studying them? 

The topics that I found challenging were the analysis of poisons in  Toxicology and Sections under IPC and CrPC, and to cover the topics well  I referred to my notes and took the help of my professors and  Forensicmcq.com and “E-PG Pathshala”. 

10. Your advice to students who want to join Dr. Hari Singh Gour University for the M.Sc. Forensic Science program? 

Look, friends! There are 25 seats available at DHSGSU for the M.Sc.  forensic science program, and you know well that students from all over  India attempt this exam. I would like to suggest you that study and practice MCQs as much as you can.

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