In this, you will find MCQs related to forensic Instruments with an answer and detailed explanations as per the NTA UGC syllabus.

These will help you not only in your NTA UGC NET/JRF preparation, but also in your preparation for GMAT, FCAT, FACT, FACT+, NFSU, DU, and other national and international exams.

Major Sections in Forensic Instrumentation MCQs

Major Sections in Forensic Instrumentation MCQs

Section 1: Microscopy in Forensic Science MCQs

MCQ Topic Included in this section: Microscopy: Polarizing, Comparison, Stereoscopic, Fluorescent, and Electron Microscopes.

Section 2: Spectroscopy Techniques MCQs

Topic Included: Spectrophotometry: UV, Visible, IR, Raman, Atomic absorption, Emission, Neutron Activation Analysis, X – rays, and x-ray based techniques such as XRD, XRF Mass Spectroscopy.

Section 3: Chromatography Techniques MCQs

Topic Included: Chromatographic Techniques: TLC, GLC, HPLC, HPTLC, Hyphenated Techniques: GC-MS, LC-MS, IR-MS, and ICP-MS

Section 4: Electrophoresis Techniques MCQs

Topic Included: Electrophoresis: High and Low voltage electrophoresis, Immunoelectrophoresis, Immunoassays: Principle, Types, Techniques, and applications