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ForensicMCQ Official Apps

Android & Windows App

From now, Premium Content is only accessible via the Official Forensic MCQ Android or Windows App.

  • 9000+ Forensic MCQs & Mock Test (Exclusive on the app).
  • No data is collected by the App and Windows Software (but by the website during signups).
  • One-Time Login is valid for a week.
  • Compatible with Android 6.0 and above.
  • No extra permission is needed by the app.
  • App Security managed by Wordfence Security.
  • Secured by Google Secure Authentication Key and firebase.

Note: We currently only support the Android Platform for our Premium Content and are not planning to launch the iOS version of this app soon.
-> Run the ForensicMCQ app on Mac systems via Bluestacks. Learn More.
-> If you’re already an active Premium Member with an Apple device and don’t have an Android or windows one, you can raise a dispute by contacting us.