In this, you will find MCQs related to various Trace evidence at the crime scene including Hair, fibers, soil, dust pollens, cement with an answer and detailed explanations as per the NTA UGC syllabus.

These will help you not only in your NTA UGC NET/JRF preparation, but also in your preparation for GMAT, FCAT, FACT, FACT+, NFSU, DU, and other national and international exams.

Sections of Physical Trace Evidences MCQs

Sections of Trace Evidences MCQs

Section 1: Forensic Hair Examination MCQs With Answer

MCQ Topic Included: Hair Nature, Types, Structure, and their examination.

Section 2: Forensic Fiber Analysis MCQs With Explanation

MCQ Topic Included: Fibres types, structure, and their forensic examinations.

Section 3: Pollens and Diatom MCQs

MCQ Topic in this section: Pollens and Diatoms along with their application in Forensic investigation

Section 4: MCQs on Soil Analysis

MCQ Topic included: Soil and dust: Nature, Types, Forensic Examination

Section 5: Forensic Paint Analysis MCQs

MCQ Topic included: Paint, Lacquer & Varnishes: Nature, composition, and their forensic examination.

Section 6: Forensic Glass Examinations MCQ

MCQ Topic included: Glass compositions, types, cracks, fractures, and forensic examination of glass.

Section 7: Cement, Mortar and Concrete in Forensic MCQs

MCQ Topic Included in this section: Cement, Mortar, and Concrete: General Composition, Forensic Analysis