S.No.SWGFull Forms Established
1SWGANTHScientific Working Group for Forensic Anthropology2008
2SWGCBRNScientific Working Group for the Forensic Analysis of Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear TerrorismNA
3SWGDAMScientific Working Group for DNA Analysis Methods1998
4SWGDOCScientific Working Group for Forensic Document Examination1997
5SWGDOGScientific Working Group on Dog and Orthogonal Detector Guidelines2005
6SWGDEScientific Working Group on Digital Evidence1998
7S/TWGEDScientific/Technical Working Group for Education and Training in Forensic Science2006
8SWGDRUGScientific Working Group for the Analysis of Seized Drugs1997
9SWGFACTScientific Working Group for Forensic Analysis of Chemical Threat/Terrorism2005
10SWGFASTScientific Working Group on Friction Ridge Analysis, Study, and Technology1995
11SWGITScientific Working Group on Imaging Technology1997
12SWGGSRScientific Working Group on Gun Shot Residue2007
11SWGGUNScientific Working Group for Firearms and Toolmarks1998
13SWGMATScientific Working Group for Materials Analysis1995
14SWGMGFScientific Working Group for Microbial Genetic and Forensics2002
15SWGSTAINScientific Working Group on Bloodstain Pattern Analysis2002
16SWGTOXScientific Working Group on Toxicology2009
17SWGTREADScientific Working Group on Shoeprint and Tire Tread Evidence2004
18SWGWILD Scientific Working Group for Wildlife Forensic Sciences2011
19SWGDVIScientific Working Group for Disaster Victim Identification2010
20SWGDMIScientific Working Group for Medicolegal Death Investigation2011
21 SWGIBRAScientific Working Group for Illicit Business RecordsNA
22FISWGFacial Identification Scientific Working Group2001
23T/SWGFEXTechnical/Scientific Working Group for Fire and Explosion1999
24TWGCSITechnical Working Group on Crime Scene Investigation2000
25AAFSAmerican Academy of Forensic Sciences2008


  • SWGs sponsored by the FBI
  • TWG’s sponsored by NIJ
  • SWGMAT is a merger of the earlier Technical Working Group on Fibers (TWGFIBE) and the Technical Working Group on Paint (TWGPAINT)

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