PYQs (2017 to 2018) Forensic NTA UGC NET Mock Test 6

Welcome to your PYQs (2017 to 2018) Forensic NTA UGC NET Mock Test 6

Match the following:

Offence Legal Sections
(a) Grievous hurt (i) IPC 375
(b) Culpable homicide (ii) IPC 304-B
(c) Dowry death (iii) IPC 299
(d) Rape (iv) IPC 320
  (V) CrPC 300

In FTIR spectrophotometer, DTGS detector operates at:

Regarding head injury due to precipitate labour, consider the following statements:

I. Bruises may be seen on vertex
II. Extensive comminuted and depressed fractures of base of skull
III. Lacerations on scalp are absent
IV. Brain shows lacerations

Leading Questions are not allowed in examination-in-chief, except when the witness is :

An unrotated bullet fired from a country made firearm soon loses its velocity, because :

The Scientific Working Group for shoeprint and Tire Tread Evidence “SWGTREAD” was created by:

The Gerber method is used to detect

Which of the following elements is used in plasma desorption?

Select from the following lists of glands, which are NOT present in the palm skin (ridged skin):

(i) Sweat glands (ii) Sebaceous glands (iii) Endocrine glands (iv) Epicrine glands

Which of the following technique is used for the elemental profiling of cement?

Which of the following techniques is used in DNA finger printing?

Ultra–violet rays are known to damage DNA on its exposure due to

Which of the following statements are correct in relation to scars?

(a) It is a fibrous tissue covered by epithelium
(b) It contains sweat glands
(c) It is pigmented and has hair follicles
(d) The shape of scars could be oval or elliptical in stab wounds

Assertion and Reason Question:

Assertion (A): Hair is a good source of mt-DNA.
Reason (R): mt-DNA is embedded in Keratin matrix of hair shaft cells.

Match the following:

Colour of PM Staining Cause of Death
(a) Black (i) Hydrogen sulfide
(b) Bluish green (ii) Hydrocyanic acid
(c) Bright red (iii) Acetanilide
(d) Chocolate (iv) Opiates
  (v) Phosphorus

Which of the following detector is used in mass spectroscopy?

“Arquebus”, “Hacquebut” are the examples of which kind of firearms :

The main purpose of a cartridge case is

(i) Expand and seal the chamber during firing
(ii) Easily adapted to be used by any firearm
(iii) Holding the components together
(iv) Could easily be reused

Match the following:

List – I List – II
(Melting Point)
(a) Acetate fiber (i) 245 – 260° C
(b) Vinal fibers (ii) Do not melt
(c) Nylon 6 fiber (iii) 210 – 230° C
(d) Triacetate fiber (iv) 200 – 260° C
(e) Rayon fiber (v) 288 – 300° C

Which of the following are true regarding Cadaveric spasm?

(i) mimics heat rigor
(ii) occurs when person was sleeping at the time of death
(iii) occurs instantaneously after death
(iv) molecular death does not occur

Match the following:

Term Explanation
(a) Rimfire (i) A cartridge with primer cap located in the centre of the cartridge head
(b) Propellant (ii) A mechanical mixture of potassium nitrate, sulfur, and charcoal
(c) Centre fire (iii) A flange headed cartridge with the priming composition in the hollow rim
(d) Black powder (iv) A chemical or mixture of chemical which when ignited produce a large volume of gas which is harnessed to propel the missile from the weapon

Assertion and Reason Question:

Assertion (A): Caput succedaneum is a swelling that forms over neck region of the newborn.
Reason (R): Neck is the most frequent presenting part in normal deliveries.

In photography, high ISO numbers means:

Identify the correct order in which calcification begins in permanent teeth:

After smoking of the opium the left out residue is known as.

Most superior form of inquest is

Consider following statements regarding amelogenin:

I. It can be used to differentiate sex.
II. Intron 1 in AMELX gene is 106 bp in size.
III. Using this technique sex can be determined from bone marrow.
IV. Amelogenin is a protein found in male genital system.

Which of the following statement is NOT correct ?

STR DNA analysis can help in determining which of the following?

In electrophoresis, with the increase in applied voltage there is also increase in flow of current. The increase in flow of current results in:

(a) More generation of heat
(b) Increase in buffer viscosity
(c) Fast movement of ions
(d) Works best with thermally unstable compounds

Dextromethorphon is metabolised to Dextrophon by which of the following process?

Thickness of the paper can be measured by which of the following :

The book titled “Ames on Forgery” has been authored by

Which of the following is considered responsible for individual characteristics in a photocopied document?

Which of the following tests is not a catalytic colour test for blood stain ?

Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) at autopsy may be removed by:

(a) Lumbar Puncture
(b) Withdrawing fluid from cisterna magna
(c) Puncturing the lateral ventricles directly
(d) Passing a plastic catheter in the brain through the nose.

Saliva is largely water, containing small quantities of:

In crude oil, which one of the non hydrocarbon element is most abundant?

Consider the following statements regarding Coir:

(a) Comes from husk of coconut.
(b) Dark brown or opaque.
(c) Chemical tests for lignin are negative.
(d) Very light and elastic fibre.

In GLC, to elute an alcohol before an ether having nearly identical boiling points, a stationary phase is needed having which of the following?

Arrange the following epidermal layers in correct order:

I. Stratum granulosum II. Stratum germinativum III. Stratum Lucidum IV. Stratum spinosum

Which one is used for the deaddiction of Heroin?

The latent fingerprint development reagent, ‘1, 8-diazafluoren-9-one’ is also known as which of the following?

The signs of live birth are

(i) Diaphragm at level of 7th rib.
(ii) Absolute weight of both lungs is 70 gm.
(iii) Specific gravity of lungs is 1.05.
(iv) Pleura is loose and wrinkled.

Which of the following statements is not true?

Assertion and Reason Question:

Assertion (A): Endosulfan is an organophosphorous compound.
Reason (R): It is derived from the esters of phosphoric acid.

What is the correct order of collecting physical evidence at a scene of crime ?

(a) Swabbing (b) Sweeping (c) Tape lifting (d) Vacuuming (e) Hand-picking

Assertion and Reason Question:

Assertion (A): Lugol’s Iodine test is done on swabs collected from penile shaft in sexual assault cases.
Reason (R): It is done to detect the presence of protein in the vaginal epithelial cells.

Regarding human and animal hair, consider the following statements and choose correct answer from the code below :

(a) Cortex in human hair is 4 -10 times as broad as medulla.
(b) Medulla in human hair is fragmented.
(c) Medullary index of animal hair in generally more than 0.5.
(d) Medulla in animal hair is absent.

Regarding Gustafson’s method:

(a) It can be used to estimate age in both living and dead.
(b) It can be used to estimate age only in living.
(c) One of the criterias are secondary dentin formation.
(d) Single most reliable criteria is root transparency.