General Forensic and Law Quiz Part 1

Welcome to your General Forensic and Law Quiz

Apart from Beer’s law, another limiting law in chemistry is:

Grievous hurt as mentioned in Indian Law comprises all except

Arrange the following steps for scientific disposal of a criminal case:

A. Testing Procedures
B. Recognition of evidence
C. Courtroom Presentation
D. Collection of Evidence
Choose the correct answer from the options given below:

The first Forensic Science laboratory was established in India in:

Who is known as the first to classify lip prints?

The first publication of NIST in the field of mobile device titled as

Causing disappearance of evidence by a forensic scientist can be punished under

Which of the act outlines the wireless providers to supply information to law enforcement in case of exigent?

Assertion and Reason Question

Assertion (A): Oral evidence is more important than documentary evidence.
Reason (R): Oral evidence is always given on oath.

Arrange the following courts of law in an ascending order

(i) District Court (ii) High Court (iii) Chief Judicial Magistrate Court (iv) Supreme court

Which of the following courts is an Appellate Court?

Arrange the following rulings related to fixing the criminal responsibility on the basis of their order of postulation. Use the code given below:

I. Irresistible impulse test II. Currens rule III. Wild beast test IV. Mc Naughton rule


The objective of any crime scene investigation follows the given sequence:

A cybercrime in which an authentic computer document is copied unlawfully is known as

The document used for maintaining fingerprint records of criminals at crime record offices is called

Most superior form of inquest is

Which of the following is not an interrelated component of crime scene management?

The absence of a cadaveric spasm in hand and the presence of a country-made weapon (Katta) at the crime scene are suggestive of:

What is Corpus delecti evidence in a case of murder by firearm?

Which of the following methods of searching the crime scene is considered most effective?

Immediate restraint of the mentally unsound is done under which of the following laws/rules?