S.No.Fiber TypesMelting Point Observation
1.Acetate• Melts at 224–280°C
2.Acrylic• Softens at 240°C
• Does not melt
3.Aramid• Does not melt
4.Modacrylic• Contracts at 135-155°C
• Melts at 204–225°C
• Some modacrylic don’t melt
5.Nylon 6• Melts at 213°C
6.Nylon 11• Melts at 182-186°C
7.Nylon 6,12• Melts at 217–227°C
8.Nylon 6,6• Melts at 254–267°C
9.Olefin Polyethylene• Melts at 122–135°C
10.Olefin Polypropylene• Softens at 145-150°C
• Melts at 152–173°C
11.Polyester [PET]• Melts at 256–268°C
12.Polyester [PBT]• Melts at 256-268°C
13.Polyester [Kodel]• Melts at 290°C
14.Rayon• Chars at 185-200°C
• Does not melt
15.Saran• Shrinks at 90°C
• Softens at 115°C
• Melts at 167–184°C
16.Spandex• Melts at 231°C
17.Triacetate• Darkens at 230°C
• Melts at 260°C
18.Vinal• Melts at 200–260°C


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  • Fundamentals of Forensic Science By Max M. Houck, Jay A. Siegel

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