Level 1 features

  1. Pattern type – The overall pattern of the fingerprint, such as arches, loops, and whorls.
  2. Core – The approximate center of the fingerprint pattern.
  3. Delta – The triangular region found in loop and whorl patterns.

Level 2 features

  1. Ridge endings – The point where a ridge terminates.
  2. Bifurcations – The point where a ridge splits into two separate ridges.
  3. Dots or islands – Isolated ridges that are shorter than the average ridge length.
  4. Enclosures or lakes – A single ridge that bifurcates and then re-joins, forming a loop-like shape.
  5. Short ridges – Ridges that are shorter than the average ridge length but longer than dots or islands.
  6. Ridge count – The number of ridges between the core and delta in loop patterns.

Level 3 features

  1. Sweat pores – The openings of sweat glands on the surface of the skin.
  2. Edges of the ridges – The contour of the ridge edges.
  3. Incipient ridges – Short, sometimes incomplete ridges that are thinner and less prominent than fully developed ridges.

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