How I Scored 97.8 Percentile in CUET Sagar University Exam

This is a one-to-one text interview with Gulsher Ahamad who got admission to Dr. Hari Singh Gour University, Sagar, Madhya Pradesh. ForensicMCQ didn’t give him any sort of award or promise of money for writing it.

Tell us about yourself

Hello! I am Gulsher Ahamad, I have earned a degree in BSc. (Hons) in Forensic Science from Bundelkhand University.

When was your CUET PG Exam?

I appeared in CUET-PG 2022 exam on 4th September 2022, and I secured 97.8 percentile in this exam.

Where you got the syllabus and study material for the preparation?

I followed the syllabus released by National Test Agency (NTA), and I preferred online available books on Forensic Science.

Downloading Materials:

Have you taken any coaching for CUET PG Forensic Exam?

No, I did not take any coaching for the preparation.

How much time is required to cover the whole syllabus of Dr. Hari Singh Gour University, Sagar?

Two months of preparation is sufficient to cover the entire syllabus.

The CUET PG Forensic Science exam is held for admission to all central universities, but admission to Dr. Hari Singh Gour University is competitive due to the high merit list. There are only 25 seats available for the M.Sc. Forensic Science Program.

Which book did you prefer for CUET-PG Exam?

  • Forensic Science in Criminal Investigation and Trials by BR Sharma

How did you prepare for Dr. Hari Sigh Gour University, Sagar CUET Forensic Science?

CUET PG Forensic Science is conducted to get admission to M.Sc. Forensic Science programs in all the central and some state universities in India.

My dream was to get a seat at Dr. Hari Sigh Gour University. I preferred the books only, but after learning that it was a competitive university, I followed the content available on the website, which helped me a lot during the preparation.

Tell us about the Pattern of the Questions Asked in Exams

The question paper consists of 100 MCQs divided into two parts: A and B.

Part A contains 25 MCQs from General Awareness, Mathematics, General English, current affairs, etc. The level of part A was easy.

And in Part B there were 75 questions mainly from forensic Science. A few questions in part B were from basic chemistry (Hybridisation). Forensic Instrumentation Toxicology and medicine were dominant in the question paper.

Marks Weightage: Minus Marking

  • Correct Answer: for each correct answer you will be awarded 4 marks.
  • Incorrect Answer: 1 mark gets deducted for each wrong answer.

What is the role of ForensicMCQ in Preparation? was the question bank for me during the preparation. I solved all the sets of previous years’ question papers of DUET PG Forensic Science available on this website.

I also solved all the MCQs prepared by the ForensicMCQ team which were really helpful to make my dream true and getting admission to Dr. Hari Singh Gour University, Sagar.

Your advice to students who want to join Dr. Hari Singh Gour University for MSc. Forensic Science program?

Look, friends! There are 25 seats available at DHSGSU for the M.Sc. forensic science program, and you know well that students from all over India attempt this exam. I would like to suggest you that study and practice MCQs as much as you can.

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  1. Gulsher Ahamad says:

    Thank you so much ForensicMCQ team for providing this platform to learn.

    1. Thank you…. for providing your valuable insights regarding preparation of CUET Sagar Univeristy exam.