In this, you will find MCQs related to alcohol, illicit liquids, poisons, and their forensic examination. These MCQs are listed as per the NTA UGC NET syllabus.

These not only help you in your NTA UGC NET/JRF preparation but also in preparing for GMAT, FCAT, FACT, FACT+, NFAT, Entrance exams of NFSU, DU, BHU, and other national and international Exams.

Part 1: Sections in Forensic Toxicology And Illicit Liquids MCQs And Question Bank

Forensic Toxicology MCQs

Section 1: MCQs on Alcohol and Illicit Liquids MCQs

Topics included in this section: Analysis of Ethyl alcohol in beverages, liquors, breath analyzer, Analysis of Methanol and Denaturants illicit liquors

Section 2: Narcotic Chemicals and Drugs Abuse MCQs

MCQ topic in this section: Metabolism and chemical analysis of Insecticides & Pesticides, Tranquilisers & Sedatives, Hypnotics Stimulants, Narcotics, Opiates, Drugs of abuse; Analyses of above and their toxicity.

Section 3: Forensic Poison MCQ

MCQ topic covered in this section: Poison and its Types: Plant and Metallic poisons.

Section 4: Extraction, Isolation & Identification of Poisons MCQs

MCQ related to Extraction, Isolation & Clean-up procedures, and Identification of common poisons from viscera, tissues, and body fluids.

Section 5: Drugs (Chapter 12) from Richard Saferstein

Section 6: Forensic Toxicology (Chapter 13) from Richard Saferstein

Section 7: Forensic Toxicology (Chapter 10) From Nordby Book

Section 8: Seized Drug Analysis (Chapter 11) From Nordby Book

Chapter 1: Introduction to Forensic Toxicology MCQs

Chapter 2: Corrosive Poison MCQs

Chapter 3: Arsenic Poisoning MCQs

Chapter 4: Mercury Poisoning MCQs (coming soon)

  • Ex-4.1: Mercury Poisoning MCQs Part 1 (Premium via ForensicMCQ Apps)
  • Ex-4.2: Mercury Poisoning MCQs Part 2 (Premium via ForensicMCQ Apps)
  • Ex-4.3: Mercury Poisoning MCQs Part 3 (Premium via ForensicMCQ Apps)
  • Ex-4.4: Mercury Poisoning MCQs Part 4 (Premium via ForensicMCQ Apps)
  • Ex-4.5: Mercury Poisoning MCQs Part 5 (Premium via ForensicMCQ Apps)

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