In this, you will find MCQs related to forensic serology and DNA evidence with an answer and detailed explanations as per the NTA UGC syllabus.

These will help you not only in your NTA UGC NET/JRF preparation, but also in your preparation for GMAT, FCAT, FACT, FACT+, NFSU, NFAT, DU, and other national and international exams.

Sections of Forensic Serology And DNA MCQ With Answer and Explanation

forensic serology and DNA mcqs

Section 1: Blood And Blood Spatter Analysis MCQ

MCQ topics included in this section: Detection and Identification of Bloodstains, Determination of Species of Origin, Blood Group Systems, and blood spatter analysis.

A. Blood as Evidence MCQ

B. Blood Grouping And Test MCQ

C. Detection and Spatter Analysis of Bloodstains MCQs

D. Determination of Species And Sex Using Blood MCQs

E. Chapter 4: Bloodstain Pattern Analysis From Richard Saferstein Book

F. Chapter 4: Bloodstain Patterns From Nordby Book

G. Chapter 8A: Identification of Blood and Body Fluids From Nordby Book

Section 2: Forensic MCQs on Other Body Fluids

MCQ Topics in this section: Detection of various body fluids including semen, urine, saliva, sweat, mother milk, and serum proteins and their forensic significance.

A. Detection of Seminal Fluid MCQ

B. Other Common Body Fluids MCQ

C. Chapter 15: Forensic Serology From Richard Saferstein Book

D. Chapter 8B: Identification Body Fluids From Nordby Book

Section 3: DNA Analysis MCQ

Topics included in this MCQ section: DNA structure, DNA as a genetic marker, DNA Extraction, Profiling Techniques, DNA Phenotyping, and RNA Profiling & their applications.

Chapter 16: DNA From Richard Saferstein Book

Chapter 9: DNA Typing From Nordby Book

Section 4: Disputed Paternity And Maternity MCQ

MCQ Topic Included in this Section: Disputed Paternity & Maternity laws and tests.

Section 5: Wildlife Forensics MCQ

MCQ topic includes Wildlife (Protection) Act,1972, Scope, Evidence, and Identification features.

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