Hey ????Readers,

So, you want to buy me a coffee! I have a better plan for you. And I truly want you to consider it.

Instead of buying me a coffee, get a book for your exam.

I highly suggest reading more books than digital screens. They are awesome.

I know, I have a website and saying this is just like axing my own feet.

But money isn’t my prior goal. 

Surely, I need investment for website maintenance and new content. To be honest, they are insignificant in comparison to what I get from it.

What do I get?

Your compliments.

Aspirants send me emails and comments about how my website helped them pass their entrance or NET/JRF exams.

The number of mail and comment that I received is small. But when it happens, it makes me happy.

And that’s priceless.

So, READ MORE, GIVE 100%, and CLEAR your exam.

After that, you can share your experience. That’s what I needed from you.

Promise me and yourself, you will read more and give your 100%. 

Books that you should purchase instead of buying me a coffee.

  • KVS MADAN by Paper 1 (nearly the price of a coffee).
  • Second is the Forensic MCQs by Anu Singla for all forensic entrance exams.

If you have both books, then consider buying a practice book for paper 1 (if you’re a NET aspirant). 

So, pass the exam then consider buying me a coffee. And you don’t even have to buy it at all. Just any help will be enough for me.

Finally, if you clear your forensic exam and still want to buy me a coffee for my efforts, I really appreciate that. 

That will be a bonus for me.

Thank you.

FR Author

Date: 26 November 2022

Link: Buy Author a Coffee